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At Girls in Tech Gibraltar we were pumped to hold our very first virtual Social Media Tech Talk on the 10th June 2020!

“We don’t have a choice on whether we do social media, the question is how well we do it?” Erik Qualman

Event Details

For those people that wanted to sharpen their skills and boost confidence in #SocialMedia, this FREE Tech Talk was a must attend. Whether a small to medium business owner, traditional or digital marketing manager or someone with an interest in social media, this session was designed to ensure everyone could walk away with something valuable.


This power session was designed to give insider insights and handy hints to succeed in Social Media:

  • Work it: understand the core areas of social media and how to make them work for you!
  • Powerful Planning: Focus your energy by aligning your business objectives or personal goals.
  • Handy hacks: optimise your time and maximise return on effort through cool tools and tips.


  • Get Social! Why Your Organisation Needs It?  
  • Objectives, Goal Setting & Measuring Success  
  • How to Create Great Content 
  • Content Planning & Social Media Management  
  • Paid Social Media Advertising 
  • Q&A session 

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Helpful Resources:

If you’re looking for tools to help make your life easier; check out the ultimate,  list of software & tools in one convenient place at

The Speaker:

The session was led by experienced Digital Strategist Mark Wilson from MACH Digital. Recently moved to Gibraltar from Australia, Mark has over two decades of digital experience. He has helped businesses from 3 to 60,000+ staff with Social Media, SEO, SEM and other key areas of digital marketing. Mark has led high performing teams in a number of large global digital agencies as well as presented at conferences to international audiences.

Thank you to our sponsors: Playtech and WilliamHill for all of their support!

By Christina Marie Giuffré Comms Manager, Girls in Tech Gibraltar