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In the midst of a global pandemic and social distancing, good communication skills are more important than ever. Whether it’s staying connected with your customers, employees, donors and community, or looking to reinvent yourself and pursue the next career opportunity, great communication is a critical leadership skill that can’t be ignored.

Becoming a skillful communicator can help take your organization, business, or career to the next level—even during a time of crisis. If you are looking to influence, create new business and career opportunities, or become a more effective leader, online and offline, this webinar is for you.


What you will learn

  • How to shift from statement to compelling message
  • How storytelling can (and can’t) help your cause
  • Managing stakeholders
  • Understanding why subject matter expertise is no longer enough
  • How to quickly design and develop your pitch

This is an interactive workshop where we will facilitate you to create a compelling message.


The Deets

Date and time provided in Gibraltar time

Date: Thursday, April 30 2020
Where: A link will be provided to all ticket holders
Time: 01:00 Gibraltar time (links will also be provided to all ticket holders to view the recorded webinar at a more convenient time)
Price: $10