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If you’re unsure what a hackathon is, think ‘hack + marathon’, or a phenomenal opportunity to foster innovation and see what exciting new ideas emerge! It’s getting developers + designers together with even-more-coffee-than-usual to come up with solutions to real problems!

Did you know that a hackathon culture has been responsible for some of the things we love most from big brands around the world? Ever wonder where the Facebook ‘like’ button and ‘timeline’ came from? Gmail was also born from Google’s 20% time which enables employees the freedom to solve a problem of their choosing, utilising a portion of their work time.

What is Hacking for Humanity?

At Girls in Tech we burst with excitement to run Hacking for Humanity every year; it’s a unique opportunity to get hands-on experience, make friends, network and be part of something bigger. Not to mention there are exciting prizes up for grabs!

The highly anticipated event runs over two days and is a code-a-thon open to any gender across any field; at Girls in Tech we celebrate inclusivity and diversity. Together developers, designers, scientists, students, entrepreneurs, educators and mentors brainstorm and utilise technology to create solutions to real problems in our local community. 

It’s inspiring to see what happens when communities come together for good; we see a force for positive global change.

The Low-down for 2019

In 2019 Girls in Tech Gibraltar in collaboration with Gib Devs, ran Hacking for Humanity on the 26-27th October. A smashing success, the event included 27 enthusiastic participants forming a total of 7 dynamic teams. 

Engaging in the Hacking for Humanity initiative this year was a meaningful and highly rewarding experience. By donating my time, energy and skills I could make a difference and help local charities and also become a better version of myself. Marrying my love for charity work and technology is a match made in heaven!”

~Georgina Morello | Sales Reporting Co-ordinator & Diversity Champion at Playtech

The Topics:

The hacking teams focused on solving local issues around Gibraltar:

  • Streamlining donations for charities
  • Connecting people with similar interests
  • Creating opportunities for volunteer outreach
  • Supporting mental health 
  • Reducing pollution 
  • Encouraging young women to embrace tech
  • Integration of Expats in the Community
  • Helping the Elderly
  • Border Access Improvement

More on Judging

We really appreciate the challenge that our talented judges had in deciding winners. 

  • Aya Avizemel (COO | Playtech Turnkey Services)
  • Steve Guthrie (CIO | Lottoland)
  • Michal Panczak (Lead Software Engineer | Kindred)
  • Tiago Luís (Head of B2B Development | BetVictor)

Our winning categories included:

  • Best overall hack: for the overall strongest and most complete project.
  • Most Technically Impressive Hack: the most awe-inspiring, challenging or impressive.
  • Best Community Impact: that the judges feel will make the biggest difference to a community or will provide the biggest social change.
  • The Fairest of Them All: for the most aesthetically pleasing and best presented. 

And The Winners Are…

This year’s entries didn’t fail to impress us with the thought, effort and creativity that went into them. We are delighted to announce the following winners:

  • Best Overall Hack (£2000) sponsored by Lottoland: Team 99 (James Linares, Charlene Hammond, Jonathan Pennell and Rebecca Escoriza)
  • Most Technically Impressive Hack (£750) sponsored by BetVictor: Team Mind Your Language (Richard Gosnay, Wayne Seth, Rui Pedro Ribeiro, Jose Lozano, Jose Garcia and Alun Davies)
  • Best Community Impact Hack (£750) sponsored by Kindred: Team Friends (Gabriella Peralta, Jezabel Reyes, Kayleigh Martinez and Ryan Castle)
  • Fairest of them All (£750) sponsored by Girls in Tech Gibraltar: Team Ab Fab (Georgina Morello and Robin Whitting)

Many Thanks

It’s always heartwarming to see the willingness of people and organisations to support this cause and diversity in the workplace. 

Our Girls in Tech events would not be possible without the continuous support from our sponsors Playtech and William Hill, as well as event sponsors: Kindred, BetVictor, Lottoland, Gibtelecom, and Colorworks. 

Thank you for the continued support of the Honourable Minister of Equality, Samantha Sacramento, who was interested to see the teams exploring ways to make their social ideas for change a reality.

How Do I Get Involved

We welcome you to get involved with Girls in Tech Gibraltar; volunteer, speak, be a mentor and come attend our events. Be sure to follow us on social media so you don’t miss out on our latest news. 

By Christina Marie Giuffré Comms Manager, Girls in Tech Gibraltar