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What better way to kick off 2020 for Girls in Tech Gibraltar, than with our Public Speaking Bootcamp! Sold out within 2 days, it was obvious just how important it is in our personal and professional lives, to learn how to speak well and emanate confidence and poise. 

“Whoever you are and whatever you do, public speaking is a critical skill that will change your life. It’s not just for those that get on stage and speak to masses of people. Developing your public speaking skills will help you in all aspects of your life, such as empowering you to sell an idea at work to enhancing your engagement in social settings.” ~ The Girls in Tech Team Gibraltar

Cristina Turbatu | Co-Managing DIrector Girls in Tech Gibraltar and Ali Parandeh, Public Speaking Bootcamp facilitator

What Happened at the Workshop?

In a one-day power workshop on Saturday the 22nd February, men and women came together at the Sunborn Gibraltar, to push themselves outside of their comfort zones and grow as speakers.

Led by Ali Parandeh; PhD, MIAP, CC, CL, winner of 2017 Spain Toastmasters English Public Speaking Contest and President of The Achievers Toastmasters Club Marbella, this bootcamp had everyone improving dramatically in only a few hours.

Ali Parandeh

Ali Parandeh; PhD, MIAP, CC, CL

The program included:

  • Crafting an impactful speech 
  • Perfecting your own 30 sec elevator pitch
  • Skills to captivate and engage your audience
  • Delivering succinct messages with punch
  • Embodying clarity and confidence
  • Killing those ‘umms’ and filler words

The Warm-up

Attendees started with a short introduction about themselves as a warm up and then moved onto more challenging activities. 

“We were a bit nervous at first and started to notice all the ‘umms’ and other filler words doing what they do best, filling gaps and lessening the impact of our speech.” ~Said one attendee. “Then something magical happened, we started to notice the filler words, and they slowly disappeared!”

The Middle

After the next break, attendees had another practice at introducing themselves while self-assessing each other and providing useful feedback (that they would later take home, along with a certificate and Girls In Tech mug to keep). 

Then something interesting happened… The group challenged themselves to grab a random topic (each person wrote one word on a piece of paper) and then spontaneously give a 30 second talk on it. With creativity flowing, one person even managed to spin up an engaging presentation on pencils.

Christina Marie Giuffré Comms Manager and Teresa Rebelo Social Media Manager, GIT Gibraltar

The Finale!

Finally, all attendees were set to prepare a pitch on the topic of their own choice, with time to prepare and collate their thoughts. Ali shared helpful tips on how to construct a dynamic speech from start to finish. It was important to structure it well; providing an engaging introduction, a middle that summed up the key message properly, and a punchy ending that resonated with the audience and inspired action. 

Attendees then had the chance to perform a longer speech, either as a group or as individuals. “It was inspiring to see the change over just a few short hours. We were blown away by the final presentations.” Karen Mareš Co-Managing Director Girls in Tech Gibraltar

Karen Mareš | Co-Managing Director Girls in Tech Gibraltar

“Before attending the Girls in Tech Public Speaking Bootcamp, I could barely work up the courage to speak on any topic to a few people let alone a group. By the end of the day I was up on stage, confidently presenting a pitch. I surprised myself with how well it went!” ~ Said one attendee.

Thank You Sponsors

We’d like to thank our sponsors who make events like this possible: Playtech and William Hill and our event partner, Colorworks.

By Christina Marie Giuffré Comms Manager, Girls in Tech Gibraltar