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We’re amidst the 4th Industrial Revolution and can expect that 2020 will deliver exciting changes in the evolution of technology. Advancements in autonomous driving, extended reality, artificial intelligence, the Internet of Things, and aerospace technologies are all set to push us further beyond what we ever thought was possible.

At Girls in Tech Gibraltar, we’re pumped for 2020 and are busy creating an exciting calendar of free events aimed at educating, empowering and connecting women and men in the world of technology.  

Looking Back at 2019

2019 was a smashing year for Girls in Tech! 

Girls In Tech Event

Event Highlights

  • At our Women in Tech Stories, four fantastic women generously shared their stories of struggle and triumph with us for the evening. It’s about celebrating success and acknowledging the learning lessons from our challenges.
  • Our Public Speaking Bootcamp sold out within 2 days and succeeded in helping boost the confidence and skills of all attendees. One attendee initially didn’t feel comfortable speaking in front of a few people and by the end, delivered a speech to a room full!
  • Data-Driven Product Design was the topic of this Tech Talk. Three accomplished women shared their perspectives on how to make sense of data for different purposes, qualitative vs quantitative, user testing and validating your product.
  • We finished the year strong with ‘Hacking for Humanity’; one of our most exciting events of the year. 27 participants teamed up to tackle social, environmental, charity and health challenges around Gibraltar. A huge thanks to everyone who helps make events like this possible!

Girls in Tech is a global non-profit and we wouldn’t be able to do what we do without our sponsors. A big thank you to GIG & Lottoland (last year’s sponsors) and Playtech, William Hill and Colorworks (present sponsors).

Girls in Tech Sponsors

Thank you to our Girls in Tech Sponsors

Looking Forward to 2020

Cristina Turbatu

Cristina Turbatu | Co- Managing Director Girls in Tech

“We’d like to give a big thank you to Peter Mareš our Co-Managing Director. Peter has been instrumental in supporting and helping Girls in Tech Gibraltar grow into what it is today.~Cristina Turbatu (Managing Director and founder of Girls in Tech Gibraltar) 

Peter will be stepping down from his current role and continuing to support Girls in Tech in an advisory position. 

We’d like to give a warm welcome to Karen Mareš, a long-standing advisory board member, who will be stepping up as Co-Managing Director for Girls in Tech Gibraltar. Karen grew up in Johannesburg, South Africa and witnessed instrumental changes in history during the time of Nelson Mandela, inspiring her to be part of driving positive change and a sense of community. 

“I’m most grateful that I’ve been able to create a life of freedom, where I can truly follow my passion. It’s about learning to say ‘no’ when it counts and valuing and respecting yourself as a person.” Karen Mareš 

With an extensive career for over a decade in creative and design, Karen started in print design as a freelance consultant for several well-known brands like National Geographic and then evolved her skill-set into digital, now a trusted partner for several top-tier gaming companies. Outside of work Karen is an advocate for animals, supporting many local shelters.

“I look forward to driving our 2020 vision for Girls in Tech, fostering a supportive community for the benefit of local women and girls in STEM fields.” Karen Mareš

Get Involved 

We’d like to finish by reflecting on one of those inspiring moments that reminds us why Girls in Tech matters. A young lady came to one of our events, completely unaware of coding but open to trying something new. She was in the process of deciding what to study at University.  After the event she spoke to one of our facilitators with a beaming smile on her face; she had fallen in love with coding and now knew what to pick at University! 

We welcome you to get involved with Girls in Tech Gibraltar; volunteer, speak, be a mentor and come attend our events. We have many exciting events just waiting to be announced, the first event to kickoff the year was. the 2020 Public Speaking Bootcamp in early February. There will also be Tech Talks, Women in Tech Stories and our annual Hacking for Humanity event, amongst others. Be sure to get involved, follow us on social media or drop us a line. 

By Christina Marie Giuffré Comms Manager, Girls in Tech Gibraltar